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Ubiquitous Speakers 2019

Ubiquitous: seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time. [Oxford Learner's Dictionary]

Java has conferences abundant, with experts willing to travel to remote cities to speak. They leave behind loved ones to make the Java world a better place. They share their knowledge without pay. They prepare their talks in their personal time.

This page is a shout-out to all these fine folks. We tried to be accurate, but it is possible, no, probable, that we made mistakes.

We have four categories. The first is platinum for the Josh Longs of this world. We then have gold for those whose names appeared at least 9 times. 7-8 is silver and 5-6 is bronze. Let's show them appreciation for all they do.

To find out how we compiled this list, please see below.


Chris Thalinger

Sebastian Daschner

Oleh Dokuka

Josh Long

Mark Heckler


Brian Vermeer

David Delabassée

Nicolas Frankel

Venkat Subramaniam

Simon Ritter

Philipp Krenn

Rafael Benevides

Heather VanCura

Bernd Rücker

Edson Yanaga

Emily Jiang

Marcus Biel

Mercedes Wyss

Oleg Šelajev


Andres Almiray

Arun Gupta

Burr Sutter

Heinz Kabutz

Mary Grygleski

Steve Poole

Adam Bien

Alex Soto

Dmitry Vinnik

Elder Moraes

Ivar Grimstad

James Birnie

Jean-Philippe Bempel

Mads Opheim

Mete Atamel

Vladimir Dejanovic


Audrey Neveu

Benjamin Nothdurft

Bert Jan Schrijver

Bruno Borges

Dmitry Chuyko

Horacio Gonzalez

Ixchel Ruiz

Johan Janssen

Juergen Hoeller

Maurice Naftalin

Michel Schudel

Otávio Santana

Pratik Patel

Ray Tsang

Ted Neward

Alberto Salazar

Allard Buijze

Billy Korando

Brian Goetz

Carlos Sanchez

Carola Lilienthal

Clement Escoffier

Daniel Bryant

Emmanuel Bernard

Gerrit Grunwald

Grace Jansen

Graham Charters

Grzegorz Piwowarek

Hillmer Chona

Jennifer Reif

Justin Lee

Maarten Mulders

Mahmoud Abdelghany

Marharyta Nedzelska

Mario Fusco

Markus Winand

Martin Förtsch

Martin Thompson

Nathaniel Schutta

Paulien van Alst

Richard Warburton

Roberto Cortez

Rustam Mehmandarov

Sander Mak

Sebastien Blanc

Sergei Egorov

Thomas Darimont

Thomas Endres

Tim Berglund

Uberto Barbini

How We Compiled the List

We analyzed 74 Java conferences:

DDD Europe, NDC London, OOP Munich, JFokus, QCon London, Boosterconf, Codemotion Rome, DevNexus Atlanta, JavaDay Istanbul, JavaLand, Voxxed Days Bucharest, Voxxed Days Zürich, ACCU, CodeMotion Amsterdam, Devoxx France, GIDS Bangalore, JPoint Moscow, JavaUP Mexico, TDC Florianópolis, The Lead Developer New York, Voxxed Days Milano, CraftConf, DevDays Europe, Dev Talks Cluj, DevoxxUK, Geecon Krakow, J-Spring, JAX, JBCN Conf, JFX Days, JPrime, J On The Beach, Java Summit Bucharest, QCon São Paolo, Riga Dev Days, Riviera Dev, Spring IO, TEQNation, VoxxedCERN, Voxxed Days Melbourne Sydney, Voxxed Days Minsk, Voxxed Days Singapore, DWX Developer Week, Dev Talks Bucharest, Devoxx Poland, GOTO Amsterdam, JConf Dominicana, JNation, Lead Dev London, QCon New York, TDC Belo Horizonte, Voxxed Days Athens, Voxxed Days Luxembourg, I Code Java, JConf Colombia, JConf Peru, Java Forum, TDC Recife, TDC São Paolo, E Dia De Java, JavaDay Ecuador, CodeMotion Madrid, Geekout, JCon, JavaZone, Java Dev Day Mexico, Java Forum Nord, Oracle Code One, Voxxed Days Banff, Heapcon, Geecon Prague, JAX London, Voxxed Days Ticino and WJAX.

Since we compiled this list on the 12th September 2019, we stopped at Geecon Prague (17th October 2019). Only exception is W-JAX in November. The reason for this anomaly is that the website pointed there and we analyzed it early on in the process. Some great conferences like Devoxx Belgium and JFall are not on the list. Whoever wants to is welcome to compile their own "ubiquitous speaker" list, but whatever mechanism they choose, it is a lot of work and impossible to find all the talks.

We excluded unconference like JAlba and JCrete, since in those events attendee == speaker. As the attendee lists are not public, it was best to not include them in our count. A large number of the ubiquitous speakers have been to JCrete.

We also excluded conferences like DawsCon that did not have publicly accessible speaker lists. We also left out conferences that were pushing a particular corporate technology and discriminated against broadly useful Java talks.

Most of these speakers also give talks at Java User Groups (JUGs) during their travels. These are not included in our list.

We did not differentiate how many talks each speaker gave.

We then went through the list of 4586 names and tried to make spellings consistent. Some conferences spell Jürgen Höller and others Juergen Hoeller.

This is a best-effort list and by no means something to take too seriously. Still, if you believe your name should be on this list (or if it shouldn't), please let us know.

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