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Privacy Statement - JavaSpecialists

Version 1.0.2-2020-02-24-10:09

Responsible For Data Protection and Privacy

The responsible entity from the perspective of the EU privacy law and national privacy laws of the member states and other privacy related regulations is:

Cretesoft Limited
Strovolos Center, Off 204
2018 Nicosia

Phone: +30 69 75 595 262

Privacy Officer

The GPDR currently does not require us to name a privacy officer. For that reason the CEO of the company is responsible. You can contact the CEO under the address mentioned above.

General aspects

Extend of processing of personal data

We only process personal data, when it is required to serve our website, our services or other content. Personal data will only be processed when the user agreed to it. An exception will be made if a consent could not be given in advance and the law allows processing in this case.

Deletion of data and storage duration

Personal data will be deleted or access denied, when there is no reason to store it anymore. It can still be stored, when the law requires us to.

Serving Our Websites

Description and Extend of Data Procession

We do not use analytics tools like Google Analytics.

Apache Webserver creates logfiles containing your IP address. It also logs what files you have requested from us.

We do not store log data together with other personal data of the user.

Reasons for processing this data

We use the IP address of the user to send websites and content to the users. Information about it is stored to avoid abuse of others, find problems and improve our service in general.

Dissent and removal

We need to write log files to provide our service. There is no possibility for dissent and we cannot remove your data. If there is an urgent matter in this case, please send us a message to

Use of cookies

We do not use any cookies on Subdomains, such as, run on the Teachable platform and use cookies. Please see the privacy policy for Teachable for the subdomain.

Comments on our website

We are using Disqus to enable our users to leave comments on our website. Disqus is a service provided in the USA. You can read the privacy statement of Disqus here: Link.

Comments will only be loaded when the user presses a button. Unless he gives consent to this, no connection to Disqus will be enabled.

Newsletter, Slack and Enquiries

Description and extend of data procession

We send newsletters to our users when they subscribed to it as well as occasional promotional emails about Java education, such as courses and conferences. Newsletters are free of charge. We use the service "Infusionsoft". For subscription we forward to the web pages of Infusionsoft. You can read the privacy statement of Infusionsoft here: Link.

To send you newsletters, we will ask for your e-mail address, your first name and your Java skill level. We also ask for your last name and your country, but the response is not mandatory to receive the newsletters.

Links in newsletters are redirected to Infusionsoft, which may set tags to track interest. The tags may also be used to start campaign sequences.

For enquiry forms regarding our courses or consulting or general enquiries, we request your phone number and company in order to be able to evaluate your request and to respond in a quick and efficient manner. We also log your IP address together with your enquiry to confirm the country you are enquiring from. An example of such an enquiry form can be seen here.

We offer a free Slack channel for Java enthusiasts. To register we need to ask your first and last name, as well as email address. This information is sent to Slack to register you. Please read the Slack privacy policy here: Slack Privacy Policy.

Reasons for processing

Your data will be used to send newsletters to you as well as relevant commercial offers by the publishers of the newsletter.

Dissent and removal

The subscription can be cancelled at any time. Every newsletter contains a link at the bottom that can be used for that.

Rights of the affected person

Right for disclosure

You can ask for a confirmation if we store any personal data of yours. If we do, you can ask for further information:

  • Why we store your data
  • The kind of data, which we process
  • The recipients of your data, including those, who will receive your data in future
  • All information available of how we got your data

You also have the right for disclosure to whom we send your data (organisations and third countries).

Please contact us here.

Right for correction

You have the right to get your data corrected if it is wrong or not complete. The correction will be done as soon as possible. Please contact us here.

Right for deletion

You can ask for the deletion of your data. Please contact us here.

Right for complaints to regulators

You have the right to complain to regulators if you are in the opinion we process data of yours illegally. The regulators will keep you informed about your case.

Services we are using

As you have the right to learn where your data might end up we compiled you a list of software we are using in our business.

We use:

  • Dropbox for exchanging documents
  • Backblaze for backing up our computer systems
  • Infusionsoft as a CRM and to send newsletters
  • Deadline Funnel for managing promotions
  • GoToWebinar for hosting webinars
  • Skype for business communication
  • Slack for our community discussion group
  • GitHub to host our software source code, to work on issues and do project management
  • Teachable to host our online self-study training: Teachable Privacy Policy
  • Google G-Suite for our email, calendar, Google Groups, and document sharing
  • Hetzner for hosting our root server
  • Zapier for integrating between the different platforms
  • Bonjoro for sending video messages

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Java Consulting

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