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Note: This program is no longer open for enrollment. We awarded a total of 64 of learning packs to Java programmers from 22 countries. A big thank you to all who participated.

[MP]aternity Learning Pack

Programming is like surfing. Each new technology another wave. What if we take a break from programming? How do we get back in the game? Will we destroy our programming career forever?

Mothers and fathers take time off to bond with and raise their child. Benefits vary by country and employer. For example, in Estonia, a company guarantees a mother's job for up to 3 years. Three years! Wonderful for parent and child, but technology has moved on. Other countries are less accommodating. In my birth country South Africa, women get 4 months unpaid leave. They may claim unemployment insurance. Their employer is not obliged to pay anything. In the USA it is even harsher. 12 weeks unpaid leave from their work and no unemployment insurance. It is tough.

To help, we are giving away one hundred [MP]aternity Learning Packs until the end of 2019. Over 115 hours of premium Java self-study courses. Given for FREE to those who qualify. Purchased individually, these courses amount to $3999.

[MP]aternity Learning Packs Awarded (64/100)

Countries so far:

Australia (3) | Belarus (1) | Brazil (1) | Bulgaria (3) | Canada (1) | Estonia (1) | Germany (12) | Greece (1) | India (5) | Ireland (1) | Israel (5) | Italy (1) | Netherlands (the) (1) | Norway (2) | Poland (4) | Romania (2) | Slovakia (1) | Spain (2) | Sweden (5) | Uganda (1) | United Kingdom (4) | United States (7)

Contents of [MP]aternity Superpack

We will award the following courses to eligible recipients:

  1. 34m - Build Your Own CircularArrayList In Under 34 Minutes - $100 FREE
  2. 8h11m - Data Structures in Java - $250 FREE
  3. 3h27m - Bits and Bytes - $125 FREE
  4. 16h20m - Java Design Patterns - $525 FREE
  5. 9h35m - Extreme Java - Advanced Topics - $400 FREE
  6. 2h30m - Transmogrifier: Java NIO and Non-Blocking IO - $100 FREE
  7. 3h18m - IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz - FREE
  8. 4h46m - Refactoring to Java 8 Streams and Lambdas - $200 FREE
  9. 43m - Threading Essentials - $100 FREE
  10. 3h54m - Mastering Threads - $349 FREE
  11. 14h34m - Extreme Java - Concurrency Performance for Java 8 - $850 FREE
  12. 13h18m - Heinz's Happy Hour Webinar Season 01 - $250 FREE
  13. 11h29m - Heinz's Happy Hour Webinar Season 02 - $250 FREE
  14. 4h19m - Heinz's Happy Hour Webinar Season 03 - $250 FREE
  15. 4h13m - Solving Java Memory Leaks Live Class 2019-02-04 - FREE
  16. 1h42m - Juppies - FREE
  17. 12h58m - JavaSpecialists Tips and Tricks 2010-2017 - $250 FREE

Here is how the [MP]aternity Learning Pack works:

  • Eligible candidates get full access to all the courses shown above, for FREE.
  • To be eligible, they need to currently be on parenting leave and to be able to prove it. Typically we will ask for a letter from their employer. It can be maternity or paternity leave, hence we call the program [MP]aternity Learning Pack.
  • The parenting leave can be paid or unpaid. In some cases we might consider awarding it if the parent has resigned from work to care for their young, for example if in their country there is no provision for [mp]aternity leave.
  • This [MP]aternity Learning Pack is to specifically help parents who have had their career impacted by their parenting. We thus require that the [mp]aternity leave is at least 6 months. For shorter leave we might consider it at our discretion depending on the individual circumstances.
  • All our courses are for advanced Java programmers. They thus need to pass a simple interview to prove their competency in basic Java.
  • The [MP]aternity Learning Pack is not transferrable and is only for the person who is currently on parenting leave.
  • All our courses have lifetime access, so there is no time limit by when they must complete the material. We do recommend studying at least one or two hours a day, as time permits.
  • Some of the courses have exercises and we do issue completion certificates for the Extreme Java and Design Patterns Courses. This is all included in this [MP]aternity Learning Pack.
  • We would like to award 100 [MP]aternity Learning Packs by the end of 2019, with a maximum of 5 awarded per company.
  • This program is available to any programmers living in any country subscribed to The Java Specialists' Newsletter. As of writing, that is 149 countries.
  • This program is offered until the end of 2019.
  • We reserve the right to change these rules without prior notice.

Happy parenting!

Heinz and Helene Kabutz

P.S. Please spread the word about this program as widely as possible, so that it can reach all those mothers and fathers of young kids who are currently on parenting leave.

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