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Black Friday is the time for companies to get rid of old unwanted stock. Not so at! We give you our best, at excellent prices. While bits last! Offers expire on the 4th of December 2020 at 3pm Eastern Time.

Superpack 2020 Bundle - 35% Discount

Get everything we have produced so far for a 35% discount. This discount is applicable to once-off payments and if you choose to pay in 10 installments. In addition, you will get a free upgrade to the Superpack 2021 bundle, once it becomes available. The Superpack does not include our live courses.

JGym.IO Subscriptions - 10% Discount

We launched a new Java learning program in November 2020 - JGym.IO. Choose between three programs - Live, Gold and Diamond. "Live" gives full access to all our live courses. "Gold" includes "Live", plus bundled self-study courses. "Diamond" is our premium product with access to all our self-study material, live courses and 12 one-on-one coaching sessions. We have a limited availability of the "Diamond" membership. First come, first served.

Individual Courses - 20% Discount

Our design patterns and dynamic proxies courses will change your way of thinking in Java. Good design leads to code that is more maintainable over a longer time. Dynamic code helps to avoid copy and paste programming.

  1. Dynamic Proxies in Java 20% Off - $197.00 $157.60 once-off
  2. Design Patterns in Java 20% Off - $497.00 $397.60 once-off

Inspirational - Life Skills - 20% Discount

The current pandemic has impacted most of our lives. We have spoken to a lot of programmers who are thinking of becoming freelancers at this time. But before you quit your job to do your own thing, please please please take this course. Included is a 15-minute consultation with the authors.

All prices exclude EU VAT.

Enjoy and happy Black Friday!

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