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Java Courses Overview

Companies that have used JavaSpecialists understand the value of training delivered by top Java developers. Highly relevant content, more resourceful programmers and applicable problem solving are just some of the benefits.

Available Java Training Courses

Course Duration Price
Java Design Patterns 4 Days €1800
Extreme Java - Advanced Topics 2 Days €1299
Extreme Java - Concurrency Performance 3 Days €2700
Refactoring to Streams 1 Day €499
Concurrency Specialist 4 Days €3150
Reactive Programming 4 Days €3499

Older Java Courses - Java 6 and 7

Course Duration Price
Java Specialist Master 4 Days €2500

Why Choose JavaSpecialists?

  1. Our Trainers: The single biggest reason. Our Java trainers have real-life practical experience in the Java technology they are teaching. Which means they pass on that experience and students can get the answers they need - no matter how tough.
  2. Successful Programmers: Our course structure and programmer feedback lets us know we are consistently producing more productive Java Programmers - see Testimonials.
  3. Happy Companies: Over 15 years and across 5 continents. Our clients include investment banks, large tech companies and everything in between. 90% of our business is still repeat business and referrals.
  4. Relevant Content: Small but vital component. Skills are based on "practical day-to-day application" that make better real-world programmers that benefit the companies they work for.


  • "The course is presented in a very good way. There are lots of exercises, the teacher knows what he is talking about and is ready to answer questions". Wolfgang R. (Alcatel Austria)

  • "I thought that your course was excellent, and have been using patterns in my work ever since (as well as campaigning the worth of using Design Patterns to my colleagues)". Oliver G. (Prism, Cape Town)

  • "...teams that need to arrive together at a common understanding of the advanced topic of Java concurrency will benefit both from the course's clear focus ... and from the practical exercises."Marko Zarkovic, Canada

In-house or Classroom Course?

The vast majority of training we do is in-house at companies who run several of our courses a year for their programmers. An in-house course has many advantage:

  1. Discussions: During an inhouse course, we are able to discuss company confidential information. On an open course, developers have to be more careful what they talk about.
  2. Pace: By moving through the course at a speed that suits the students everybody gets the most from the training.
  3. Focus: During the course, we can give more emphasis to those topics that are particularly relevant to the team.
  4. Cost Savings: Excluding our travel costs, for a group of 10 students the price of the training is roughly half.
  5. Wider Reach: Instead of only sending the top programmers, at an in-house course you can afford to send a wider range of people.
Course Duration Basic Fee Maximum
# Students
Fee per student
exceeding 10
Java Design Patterns 4 Days € 11500 25 € 800
Extreme Java - Advanced Topics 2 Days € 6500 25 € 650
Extreme Java - Concurrency Performance 3 Days € 13500 25 € 1350
Refactoring to Streams 1 Day € 3200 25 € 300
Java Specialist Master 4 Days € 11500 25 € 1150
Concurrency Specialist 4 Days € 15750 25 € 1575
Reactive Programming 4 Days € 17495 25 € 1750

Example 1: Training 18 students in the Extreme Java - Concurrency & Performance for Java 8 Course.
Training Fee: € 13500 + € 1350 × 8 = € 24300 + travel

Example 2: Training 22 students in the Java Design Patterns Course.
Training Fee: € 11500 + € 800 × 12 = € 21100 + travel

Example 3: Training 14 students in the Refactoring to Streams Course.
Training Fee: € 3200 + € 300 × 4 = € 4400 + travel

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110% Money-back Guarantee

Should you not be satisfied with the quality of the training or the delivery, we will gladly refund you 100% of the course fees. This needs to be brought to our attention within the first 4 hours of the course and a chance should be given to correct whatever you are not satisfied with. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund you 100% of the course fees, plus we will pay our own travel expenses. The training material then remains the property of JavaSpecialists.EU.

Cancellation Policy

If the course is cancelled more than two weeks before the start of the course, a 10% cancellation fee of the fees will apply, plus any non-refundable travel expenses incurred by the trainer.

If the course is cancelled within two weeks of the start of the course, a 50% cancellation fee of the fees will apply, plus any non-refundable travel expenses incurred by the trainer.

No refund will be given to cancellations during the course.

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