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These comments relate to courses such as Kirk Pepperdine's Java Performance Tuning Course and Heinz Kabutz's Java Specialists Master Course, held in the same area as where the Java Specialists Roundup 2011 will be held.

choo choo ‎ - Oct 25, 2010' java performance tuning on crete I attended Kirk Pepperdine's java performance tuning course this autumn much to the amusement of my colleagues/family -Is it work or a holiday? I found the course very challenging and I'm still absorbing the materials a month later. Kirk is a true specialist in his field. I don't think I heard a single "Hmm - I'll get back to you on that..." on the whole course. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in java applications in the real world. It gives you a consise and practical methodology in application tuning and some experience selecting and using relevant monitoring and profiling tools. The classroom at Heinz's place looks out over Crete to the Med and is modern and air conditioned. Heinz's family were really friendly and supplied plenty of coffee and cakes during the course and a superb barbeque at the end (thanks Heinz for the sea bream! ). Many thanks for an instructive and memorable week.

Dietmar ‎ - Oct 18, 2010 Excellent course, most pleasant atmosphere' There are many good reasons to go to Crete. For someone doing Java there are some more. The excellent courses (I was attending Kirk Pepperdines Java Performance Tuning), fully packed with things which let you understand Java and the JVM much better. The small groups of Java experts from everywhere. The most pleasant atmosphere in the house of the Kabutz family. And many more. Really worth it. Will got there again.

Oct 13, 2010 It does make sense I remember the laughs and the unbelief of many co-workers when i first announced my signup for Kirk Pepperdine's Java performance tuning course to be held in crete. Its not a mix you would feel as natural or even sensible. A Java course on the sunny island of Crete ? After having completed the course i now know better. The relaxed atmosphere, the sea winds and the astonishing view during the coffee breaks really adds to grasping what is being thought during the course. And it was quite something. All those details about whats going on under the JVM-hood really creates a better understanding about how its all connected and how you can make use of it to get things done more efficiently. Its a course i can definitely recommend. The establishment was just great. The Kabutz family made sure everything was taken care of.

Peter ‎ - Oct 13, 2010 Great course at a great place I attended Heinz' Java Master course this october. The course was very interesting: Plenty of excellent and "bullet-proof" know-how packed in about 1000 slides and dozens of hands-on exercices spread over 4 intense days. After about 9 years as a professional Java programmer this was really a kick for myself and my Java skills. The location at Heinz' course room in the Kabutz-house close to Chaniua in Crete is just great: Far away from business and the daily routine. Thanks to Heinz and his familiy for the nice stay. I took my family with me and we stretched the days in Crete for some more days... very nice.

David Gomez ‎ - Sep 3, 2010 An intense week in an excellent place I had the opportunity of attending a course at the Javaspecialist headquarters and I must say the location has all the elements to enjoy the course in a comfortable way. The training facility is well set up, with excellent conditions on natural light, acoustics and space. The view of the beach and amazing surroundings from the windowed balcony helps on the coffee breaks during the course. At the end, one feels like at home.

alzamabar ‎ - Sep 1, 2010 A great location where to learn and relax The Javaspecialist headquarters in Chania, Creete, are a fantastic place where to learn the best of Java from Heinz (Java champion) and relax at the same time. At lunch time it's tradition to go to the local restaurant and savour the various specialities that the place has to offer; after the course it's fun going down the beach and enjoy some proper Mediterranean sun and sea. As a cherry on top, Heinz's studying facility is just tip-top, with state-of-the-art learning equipment and the traditional Friday lamb roast.

Sep 1, 2010 Training in Crete what a blast I attended the Java Specialist Master Course in Crete and it was a great experience. Heinz has created a first class training area which facilitates great knowledge transfer and it's not too bad to step out on the deck and take in the view of the beautiful landscape. I would really recommend anyone who can to go to his facility in Crete and by all means bring your family along so they can play during the day while you exercise your java skills.

Olivier ‎ - Sep 26, 2010 The most interesting Java course at the most beautiful training facility I attended the Java Specialists' Master course last May, and I must say it was quite an experience. Heinz was very kind to welcome us as family in his brand new training facility, where we spent the week discussing the most advanced features of Java with some of the best Java developers in the world. If you come here, get ready to get your mind blown. As a big bonus, you'll love the excellent Cretian food, the pure air, and the breath-taking view from Heinz's balcony, on the heights of Chania.

Sep 3, 2010 Personal and relaxed, yet serious This training facility feels like a space where experts come together to change the world, in a personal and relaxed atmosphere, yet everything is there that one expects in professional training, including one the world's leading Java experts. The exposure to the Cretan hospitality and access to mediterranean beaches are fantastic bonuses.

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