Geek Records for Java

This page lists obscure records that should probably never have happened.

Inheritance Depth Record

See How Deep is Your Hierarchy? for a tool on how to probe your jar files.

To win fame for discovering a deep open-source hierarchy, you have to reveal the project and the class that exceeds 9 levels. You may post anonymous submissions for the proprietary records. We will take your word for it.

  • Open Source: Record held by Rob Mulcahey, Current Inc, Colorado Springs for discovering 12 levels of inheritance in Apache's Batik.
  • Proprietary: Record held by Cameron Purdy, Tangosol, for a class hierarchy going down 12 levels in their Tangosol Development Environment. In their defence, it is a GUI class.
  • Proprietary Anonymous: Record held by anonymous subscriber, for a class hierarchy going down a whopping 53 levels. They know that this is ridiculous and far away from good design. It was implemented by a Java developer with limited Java experience. But the code is still in production and works from a business point of view.

Package Depth Record

Try to find the deepest package levels.

Record held by Martin Kuba, Supercomputing Center Brno, Czech Republic, for discovering 11 levels of package depth:


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