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244 Your Brilliant Java Career
My mother is a trained physiotherapist. Ergonomics and physical health has always interested me, even though like most of us, I struggle with laziness. As Java programmers, we need to keep in shape if we want to work for a long time, both mentally and physically. In this newsletter, I share 4 magical words by the creator of Dilbert that transformed me into Forrest.
231 Why Crete?
In this newsletter, Heinz answers the question that he gets asked most: "Why Crete?" "Because I can" could be one answer, but the reality is a bit deeper than that.
227 How Can I Become a Champion Programmer?
In this newsletter, Heinz talks about some characteristics that are useful if you want to become a successful champion Java programmer.
200 On Learning Concurrency
Every Java programmer I have met knows that they should know more about concurrency. But it is a topic that is quite hard to learn. In this newsletter I give some tips on how you can become proficient in concurrency.
100 Java Programmers aren't Born
How can you become an excellent Java programmer? Is it an inherent trait or something you can learn? Can you learn Java if you are already over 30? Over 40? Over 60? In this newsletter I give some tips on how to become a Java programming expert. Hint: It's not as easy as it looks. But it's also not impossible.
057 A Tribute to my Dad, Hans Rudolf Kabutz 2002-09-22

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