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162 Exceptions in Java
In this article, we look at exception handling in Java. We start with the history of exceptions, looking back at the precursor of Java, a language called Oak. We see reasons why Thread.stop() should not be used and discover the mystery of the RuntimeException name. We then look at some best practices that you can use for your coding, followed by some worst practices, in the form of exception anti-patterns.
138 Better SQLExceptions in Java 6
Java 6 has support for JDBC 4, which, amongst other things, gives you better feedback of what went wrong with your database query. In this newsletter we demonstrate how this can be used.
129 Fast Exceptions in RIFE
One of the tricks that Java allows us to employ is to change the control flow of the application using exceptions. This is generally strongly discouraged, since it makes the code hard to decipher. In addition, exceptions are notoriously bad at performance. Here is a trick used in RIFE to make this work faster.
089 Catching Uncaught Exceptions in JDK 1.5 2004-05-26
081 Catching Exceptions in GUI Code 2003-11-25
033 Making Exceptions Unchecked 2001-10-18

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