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Your Java system is slightly different to every other one on the planet. And yet it has similar issues, such as:

  • Memory: Too little memory allocated to your system will cause spurious failures, such as an OutOfMemoryError. Too much memory allocated can cause the garbage collection pauses to get larger than necessary and might also prevent your Java Virtual Machine from even booting up. We can help you find memory leaks, discover strange memory effects and set good startup parameters.

  • Threading: Java makes it easy and tempting to use threads in order to achieve concurrency and parallelism. But if we are not careful, we can get data races, poor performance due to contention, livelocks and deadlocks. We can help you discover these errors and fix them for you.

  • Optimization: Java in the 90s was about 100x slower than it is today. Over the years, a lot has been done to improve the speed of your code, without you having to do anything to achieve these gains. We can help you debunk a lot of myths around Java optimizations and get you and your team onto a good path of writing fast, efficient Java code that does not look like hieroglyphics.

  • Training: With a bit of training, your developers will be able to use the same techniques we use, in order to achieve the same performance improvements. We always try to work ourselves out of a job, by teaching your staff how to do the performance tuning themselves.

Rates and Conditions

When doing performance consulting, we charge for our time, rather than the results achieved. Over the past 15 years, we managed to save our customers millions of dollars, whilst only applying our standard hourly rate. You pay the same, whether you are in a desperate situation or just need a bit of advice. This way, you can be sure that we are not taking advantage of your difficult situation. We also believe in public prices. Our prices are at a relatively high level for performance consulting, but then you can be assured that you are always being served by a senior consultant, in most cases also a Java Champion.

Our hourly rate is € 250 excluding VAT, plus travel expenses when this is required. We bill in 40 hour chunks these are good for one year.

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