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3.4 SortedScrambledWordLibrary

Juppies 2 by Dr Heinz M. Kabutz

Our first implementation of ScrambledWordLibrary will be the SortedScrambledWordLibrary. Alt+Enter on the class name and select "Implement Abstract Class". It sounds contradictory to be "sorted" and "scrambled", but it isn't. The letters will be scrambled in a particular way compared to the correct word.

Inside our scramble() method we call Arrays.sort(letters). Arrays is a helper class inside the java.util package. This is not imported by default, which is why the Arrays class is underlined in red. ALT+Enter suggests the fix "Add import for java.util.Arrays".

Let's go back to our WordLibraries facade and in the createDefaultWordLibrary() we now wrap the ShuffledWordLibrary with our new SortedScrambledWordLibrary.

We run our game, which compiles and tests that we have not introduced bugs into the code. The tests pass, which either means that our code is correct or that our test did not find the new bugs. By now we should have a healthy level of scepticism about our ability to find all the bugs in our code with our tests. We get the first word, which is "aeeilnqtuv". Looks Estonian or Finnish. No idea what that is, oh wait, perhaps it is equivalent? Next us is "ceeffo". That's easy - coffee of course. And then "aaeilmnptu" - hmmm these sorted words seem harder to guess than the previously scrambled ones! "abimpt"? What is that???

This is too hard. Wouldn't it be nice to have a "Hint" button that shows us the first letters of the word?

The words are shuffled and the individual letters sorted, which seems to make them harder to guess, at least for me. I think it will get easier once I've guessed each word correctly, but for now it is challenging. A "Hint" button would be welcome.


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