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2.27 Commit and Push

Juppies 2 by Dr Heinz M. Kabutz

The process that we use is that whenever we make a chance, we commit it to our local repository. Change, commit, change, commit, change, commit, etc. Before we push anything into our remote repository, we have to make sure that it works. In addition, if we are working in a team, there are usually some additional procedures in place so that we don't overwrite each other's work. Some teams like the OpenJDK have bots that will do a lot of the project management to integrate the changes into the codebase.

Most likely before we push, we first need to pull changes that others have made in the remote repository and make sure that all of our code still works correctly. Once we have verified that then we can push our code. Usually companies have their own procedures for how they want us to work with the source control.

Since we are working by ourselves in our own repository, we can simply push our branch into the remote repository. All the commits we did today have now been pushed onto the server. Please have a look at your Git repository on and verify that your changes have indeed been pushed. You should also be able to view the history of your work there.


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