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1.7 StaticWordLibrary Structure

Juppies 2 by Dr Heinz M. Kabutz

The WordLibrary is an abstract class, meaning it is a bit like a contract of what we are going to offer, but allows us to have different concrete implementations of that contract. The first such concrete implementation class is the StaticWordLibrary. Note that the WordLibrary is abstract, with three of its methods abstract too. All of these methods have to be defined again in the subclass StaticWordLibrary, this time with a proper body that does something useful.

Note that I made the StaticWordLibrary final, which means that it cannot be subclassed further. This makes my design more restrictive, thus preventing someone from further extending my class (with the extends keyword). When designing new classes, I recommend making all the classes final, otherwise you will be responsible for maintaining it if someone makes a subclass of it. When you declare it as "final", they will have to beg you to allow them to subclass, and you can ask them for clarification why they want to subclass this particular class.

Most courses that introduce Java speak about subclassing as if it were the bee's knees. In reality, we have to be careful, because we can easily paint ourselves into a corner. A better approach is to use polymorphism to declare a contract (like our WordLibrary), with different implementations (poly - many, morphi - form).


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