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1.16 isAnagram() Method

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The isAnagram() method converts the two Strings to character arrays. A String is made up of individual characters. A character would be, for example 'c', 'h', 'o', etc., whereas a String would be a sequence of characters, such as "chocolate". Note that the quotation marks are different. For a String we use the double-quotation mark " and for the char (short for character) we use the single-quotation mark '. Each char uses two bytes to store the letter, allowing many scripts, including Greek, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), etc. In modern Java versions, the String compresses the chars into a single bytes, in order to save space. In Java 8, the String "Good Morning, Vietnam" uses 88 bytes, but in Java 11 it is only 64 bytes. This can make an impact with systems that have a lot of Strings (which would be most systems).

To determine whether the two Strings contain the exact same characters, we simply sort both arrays with the method Arrays.sort() and then compare whether they are equal with Arrays.equals(). This won't show us where the differences are, but we can hopefully eyeball that easily enough.


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