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Are you looking for a great venue to run your next seminar? Something special, which your students will talk about for years? A place with stunning natural beauty, but with the best technology? Restaurants with delicious food, where you can chill out after class with your students?

Crete is your ideal location. We offer a modern conference room accommodating up to 12 students.

Our venue overlooks the often snow-capped Lefka Ori mountain range and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy the spectacular views and environment surrounding our home where fruitful vineyards and olive groves abound. If you care to wander around after lunch or after the course in the early evenings, you might very well find yourself amongst bleating sheep, ancient ruins or even chicken coups - that's part of what a visit to our "corner" is about. The nearest beach Tersanas, is just a short walk down through the "Livadi"; a firm favourite with the locals, this beach offers a small cafeteria for sundowners and of course welcoming waters for a well deserved swim.

Our students and lecturers are catered for with the best of Cretan cuisine at the renowned Taverna Irene's during the lunch hours. Our coffee breaks are a feast too with delicious Greek pastries and sweets decorating our coffee table.

Our high-tech equipment will ensure the smoothest-running lecture course possible. These conditions, we believe, are the ideal blend for a bona fide learning experience which we know you, like so many others we have hosted, will be thrilled to experience.

Beach in Crete

"Great course at a great place: I attended Heinz' Java Master course this october. ... The location at Heinz' course room in the Kabutz-house close to Chaniua in Crete is just great: Far away from business and the daily routine. Thanks to Heinz and his familiy for the nice stay. I took my family with me and we stretched the days in Crete for some more days... very nice."
Peter - Oct 13, 2010


We will always try to fit in with your preferred dates. However, there is a strong demand for the room. Please let us know at least three months in advance if you would like to book it.

Spring and autumn are the best times to host events on Crete. The weather is usually lovely and hotel rooms are easy to find. It is a bit too cool for long swims though.

In summer it gets very hot here on Crete, so you could run your event during the day and go to the beach after six in the evening. This is what the locals do and is how we avoid sun stroke. The only challenge is finding free hotel rooms, so please book these well in advance.

In winter most hotels shut down for repairs. We partner with some that are open all year round. Winter is beautiful in Crete. You might experience a crazy Cretan tempest or the warm "halcyon days". It is a great time of year for sight seeing as the mad tourists are far away.

Crete is stunning even in winter

Training in Crete what a blast: I attended the Java Specialist Master Course in Crete and it was a great experience. Heinz has created a first class training area which facilitates great knowledge transfer and it's not too bad to step out on the deck and take in the view of the beautiful landscape. I would really recommend anyone who can to go to his facility in Crete and by all means bring your family along so they can play during the day while you exercise your java skills.
Anonymous - Sep 1, 2010


The conference room has a built in data projector. Our WiFi network links you up to the rest of the world via a leased E1 line. Ours is the most reliable internet connection on Crete and will ensure that you can stay in contact with your home base.

Many years ago, an electrician died whilst changing a street lamp. As a result, whenever DEH do any sort of maintenance, they turn off power to the entire area. (Not a true story, but it's the only explanation we have for the frequent power outages.) Our conference facility has a 4 cylinder diesel power generator that turns on automatically if the power goes down. You can continue your event without interruption.

Our powerful air-conditioner will give you a comfortable learning experience during those warm island days. The outside balcony is perfect for a quick smoke break or if you just want to admire the beautiful sea view.

Our desks and chairs are modeled according to the Greek coffee shops or "Kafenions", where Greek men spend hours talking of politics and playing cards. The straw seat and hard back are comfortable to sit in for hours, tried and tested by generations of Greeks.

Students hard at work in Crete

"java performance tuning on crete: I attended Kirk Pepperdine's java performance tuning course this autumn much to the amusement of my colleagues/family - Is it work or a holiday? I found the course very challenging and I'm still absorbing the materials a month later. Kirk is a true specialist in his field. ... The classroom at Heinz's place looks out over Crete to the Med and is modern and air conditioned. Heinz's family were really friendly and supplied plenty of coffee and cakes during the course and a superb barbeque at the end (thanks Heinz for the sea bream! ). Many thanks for an instructive and memorable week."
choo choo ? - Oct 25, 2010


The conference room can be rented for € 500 per day. Two coffee breaks and lunch at Irene's Taverna can be included for €30 per person per day.

Payment terms are: 50% deposit to guarantee your booking and a further 50% at the end of your event.


Putting on an event at a remote location can have its challenges. We have put in place a number of mechanisms to make it as smooth as possible. Our internet connection is the most reliable in Crete. We have a 4-cylinder diesel generator that takes over automatically if the electricity goes off.

We do not control the weather, earthquakes, strikes nor volcanoes. Should you need to cancel the course due to one of these, we will try to reschedule you for another date at no additional cost.

Please let us know immediately if you are not satisfied with the conference room, teas, coffees or meals and please give us an opportunity to correct whatever is necessary. Should you still not be satisfied, we will refund you in full anything that you have paid to date. This should be done on the first day of the conference.

"The most interesting Java course at the most beautiful training facility: I attended the Java Specialists' Master course last May, and I must say it was quite an experience. Heinz was very kind to welcome us as family in his brand new training facility, where we spent the week discussing the most advanced features of Java with some of the best Java developers in the world. If you come here, get ready to get your mind blown. As a big bonus, you'll love the excellent Cretian food, the pure air, and the breath-taking view from Heinz's balcony, on the heights of Chania."
Olivier - Sep 26, 2010

Still not sure?

Kirk Pepperdine has run many courses on Crete, with fantastic turnout and very happy customers. Here is what he had to say about our conference room:

"The training facility can go a long way to making or breaking an attendees course experience, so it is important to me that attendees are happy with the facilities. The comments I've gottend about Heinz's facilities from attendees have been outstanding. Never a problem with the equipment, more bandwidth than you'd at any other training facility anywhere and a fantastic view. Best of all, lunch at a local Cretian taverena, snacks are guarenteed to leave you wanting more and enough coffee to shake you out of your afternoon food coma. Train at Heinz's facilities in Crete? thats a no brainer decision!
Kirk Pepperdine - May 31, 2011


If you are interested in hiring our facility, please enquire here:

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Your company.

Venue in Crete


Google Earth recently updated the image data from May 2010, so our training venue is now visible. It finished construction in April 2010. It is at the end of a dirt road, exactly where the Google Places pointer is.

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