Certificate of Training

This is to certify that

Olivier Croisier with email address olivier.croisier@free.fr from company Zenika

is hereby recognized for having successfully completed the following

Java Specialist Master 4 2010/05/04 Chania, Crete Dr Heinz Kabutz PDF

Certificate Policy

A JavaSpecialist.EU Certificate of Training is issued to students who successfully complete one of our courses.

To receive the certificate, the student must demonstrate a good understanding of the subject matter. This is assessed during the class exercises. The tutor will help students as much as possible with hints to get them to complete the exercises successfully. However, it will still be up to the student to demonstrate that they can master the topics of the course.

The student has to attend the entire course. Under extreme circumstances, such as medical reasons or family emergencies, the student may miss up to half a day of the course and still be issued a certificate. Work deadlines will not be accepted as an excuse to miss parts of the course. This policy will apply as from 1st September 2009. Prior to that, students were allowed to miss one day of the course without providing a reason.

Full payment of the course must be received, regardless of whether we issue a certificate or not. Any outstanding fees will cause a certificate to be withdrawn.

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